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2015 Scholarship Award Winners pictures

Take a look at photos from this years Scholarship Awards night!

Scholarship Opportunities

Find out how you can create your own scholarship for targeted students.

Annual Dinner and Auction

Explore how you can help us raise money to provide students with scholarships.

GCSF Board

See who is behind the scenes working to provide scholarships for Germantown School District students and what you con do to help us.

Advancing the higher education goals of our community’s youth

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Your in-kind donation of products, goods or services will be used as an auction item at the Annual & Dinner Auction event which takes place the first Thursday each February.


Your donation will be used to underwrite scholarships, the Annual Dinner & Auction, the Annual Mud Splash-Run for Funds, or placed in the Endowment Fund.


A donation of $1,000 or more can create an earmarked scholarship from you, your organization or business. The scholarship can hold specific criteria such as: only available to a student attending University of Wisconsin schools, certain athletics or a particular academic discipline. Funds must be received by March 1st in order to be presented at the Senior Scholarship Awards Night in May.


These types of contributions are funds that the donor wants the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund to hold and award over time. In addition to setting specific scholarship criteria, the donor(s) may also name the scholarship. This type of contribution can also be used to set up a Memorial Scholarship, a wonderful way to honor a loved one’s passing.


Many corporations will match the gifts made by their employees and retirees to a qualified non-profit organization.  Companies usually match the tax-deductible portion of your gift, which means that your contributions to the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund could qualify. Download the Matching Gifts Document below and see if your employer is on the list and what you can do to double your gift.

 Matching Gift Document


For a donation to the Germantown Scholarship Fund, your business would be listed as the event sponsor for the Annual Dinner & Auction in February. As the event sponsor, your business would receive: logo recognition on the event program, a flyer insert in each individual’s auction packet, recognition through press releases, verbal recognition of your company by the auctioneer throughout the night, and verbal recognition of your support at the Germantown Senior Scholarship Awards Night held in May. Check out our Event Sponsors page for more information

All donations to GCSF are tax deductible.

GCSF is a tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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