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2015 Scholarship Award Winners pictures

Take a look at photos from this years Scholarship Awards night!

Scholarship Opportunities

Find out how you can create your own scholarship for targeted students.

Annual Dinner and Auction

Explore how you can help us raise money to provide students with scholarships.

GCSF Board

See who is behind the scenes working to provide scholarships for Germantown School District students and what you con do to help us.

Advancing the higher education goals of our community’s youth

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GCSF Volunteer Opportunities

Within GCSF there is flexibility to match your time and talent to the needs of our ongoing activities. The GCSF Board of Directors and committees meet from September through May, while many community volunteers choose to be involved at specific times of the year.  For more information about volunteering or to inquire about opening on GCSF Board of Directors please email

Annual Mud Splash - Run for Funds

The Annual Mud Splash - Run for Funds raises money for the Germantown School District Teacher Grant program.  There are several committees that work at various times of the year to create course design, fundraise, raise awareness in the schools, create marketing materials, etc.  We are also always looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the event.  To get involved or for more information, contact our race director at and please include your phone number.  Someone will contact you.

GCSF Committees

Auction Committee

The auction committee is the heart and soul of our Dinner & Auction. They start planning in late summer for our February auction date. The Auction Committee Chair is Glenn Schroeder, feel free to contact him for more committee information

Tasks of the Auction Committee:

  • Booklet
  • Venue/Meal
  • Donations
  • Decorations
  • Reception
  • NHS Student Coordination
  • Calendar Basket Raffle
  • Special Item Ticket Raffle w/Theme
  • Cash Raffle
  • Silent Auction
  • Table Raffle
  • Verbal Auction
  • Cashiering and Check-Out

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee normally includes 5-6 Board Members.  Board members may not serve on the Scholarship Committee if they have a son or daughter who is a current high school senior and will be submitting a scholarship application.  Committee work begins in October and continues through June. The Scholarship Committee Chair is currently vacant but please feel free to contact Glenn Schroeder for more committee information.

Tasks of the Scholarship Committee:

  • Setting and implementing scholarship guidelines, including revision and administration of the scholarship application process.
  • Scoring of applications.  Including follow up with teachers, coaches, etc.
  • Appointing scholarships to recipients.
  • Coordination of Senior Awards Night, alongside the High School.
  • Meeting to review activities and make suggestions for following year.

Public Relations Committee

This Public Relations Committee will normally include 6-7 additional Board Members.  Committee work begins in August and continues through June. This committee focuses on increasing awareness of the GCSF through several media channels. The Public Relations Committee chair is Teri Cox, feel free to contact her for more committee information.

Tasks of the Public Relations Committee:

  • Securing media coverage of annual dinner auction, fundraising events and scholarship awards night.
  • Keeping historical library of press releases, media articles, auction tickets and booklet, and scholarship awards night program.
  • Creating and distributing a GCSF informational brochure.
  • Displays at community locations. (Example: Library)

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is ever changing as we move forward and start to utilize more technology.   The committee works with Fundraising, Public Relations, Auction and Scholarship Committees to determine data processing requirements, needs and will apply knowledge of system capacity to determine feasibility of projects.  The committee will provide recommendations for upgrades to maintain efficient operation. The Technology Committee chair is Brian Levins, feel free to contact him for more committee information.

Tasks of the Technology Committee:

  • Maintaining GCSF website
  • Maintaining GCSF Board Member website
  • Maintaining GCSF databases
  • Maintain all hardware and software

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of the President, Treasurer and 1-2 additional persons. The Finance Committee chair is Dave Christensen, feel free to contact him for more committee information.

Tasks of the Finance Committee:

  • Reviewing quarterly reports and investment performance of the Trust Company.
  • Recommends appointment of Trust Company.
  • Performs compliance work, prepares the annual report and presents it to the Board of Directors.
  • Committee meets in early November to review the annual report.
  • Responsible for all accounting activities

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee includes approximately 5-6 Board Members. The committees work begins in September and continues through May. The committee is responsible for raising funds for scholarships. The Fundraising committee chair is Scott Rasmussen, feel free to contact him for more committee information.

Tasks of the Fundraising Committee:
  • Creative Fundraising
  • Direct Solicitation to businesses for scholarships, follow-up, etc.
  • Direct Solicitation to Alumni.
  • Maintaining relationships past contributors.

Joining at a Committee Level

To get involved, email GCSF at or contact one of the Committee Chairs listed above.

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