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2015 Scholarship Award Winners pictures

Take a look at photos from this years Scholarship Awards night!

Scholarship Opportunities

Find out how you can create your own scholarship for targeted students.

Annual Dinner and Auction

Explore how you can help us raise money to provide students with scholarships.

GCSF Board

See who is behind the scenes working to provide scholarships for Germantown School District students and what you con do to help us.

Advancing the higher education goals of our community’s youth

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Become a Scholarship Donor

Since 1981, the Germantown Community  Scholarship Fund has assisted deserving students in pursuing their educational goals. This has been made possible through the generosity of many area businesses, organizations and citizens who value this local investment program. To ensure that area students continue to be rewarded for their achievements, and to financially assist them in pursuing higher education, we need your help.

Named Scholarships

The Fund is looking to our community organization and business partners for financial assistance. There are many benefits to you for supporting the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund:

  • Your organization can design, name and present a scholarship to a qualified recipient. A donation of $1,000 or more can create an earmarked scholarship from your organization.
  • Your organization can also help determine the selection criteria for which a scholarship is awarded and can include items that are meaningful to your organization such as the applicant must be attending a UW system school or pursuing a degree in a particular field.
  • Your donation is tax deductible. The Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Your investment in our youth makes a difference. Help local students continue their education at a college, university or vocational / technical school so that they can return to the Germantown community as an energetic, educated adult workforce. 


2016 Community Sponsored Scholarships

Please support the companies and organizations that support our students!

Donor  Individual Scholarship Amount 
Ayer Electric Cross Country $2,000.00
Ben Rabenn State Farm Leadership $1,000.00
BMO Harris Bank  $1,000.00
Brent Reiter Memorial  $1,600.00
Chuck Ritzenthaler Science Scholarship  $2,000.00
Desert Aire Corporation  $1,600.00
Ellsworth Adhesives  $2,000.00
First Bank Financial Centre  $1,000.00
Fraederich Family  $  500.00
Fraederich Family  $  500.00
German Honor Society  $1,000.00
Germantown American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 321  $ 500.00
Germantown American Legion, Post 1  $ 500.00
Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce  $ 500.00
Germantown Kiwanis Club  $1,500.00
Germantown Little League  $1,000.00
Germantown Little League  $1,000.00
Germantown Mutual Insurance  $2,000.00
Glen & Ruth Siegmann  $1,000.00
Great Lakes Packaging Corporation  $1,000.00
Hampel Corporation  $1,000.00
J.W. Speaker Corporation  $2,500.00
Kiwanis Club - Jim Lynch / Mike Micka Memorial  $1,500.00
Malkin's Flooring Tech. Ed.  $1,000.00
Metals USA  $1,000.00
Monica & Josh Griebel Memorial  $1,000.00
Reuben Penzenstaedtler - Lincoln Lodge  $1,000.00
Rick Cowee Memorial  $ 500.00
Sendik's Food Markets  $1,000.00
Spectrum Investment Advisors  $2,000.00
Terrence J. Riesch D.D.S  $1,000.00
Wayne Baumgartner/Industrial Recyclers  $1,600.00
Wayne Heidel / Jennifer Semmann Foundation  $1,000.00
Wayne Heidel / Jennifer Semmann Foundation  $1,000.00
Wayne Heidel / Jennifer Semmann Foundation  $ 500.00

Memorial Scholarship

Creating a memorial scholarship provides the opportunity to create a lasting memory of a loved one. Consider designating Germantown Community Scholarship Fund as the beneficiary of memorial contributions. The memorial contributions may be designated for GCSF’s Memorial Fund or used to create a Named Memorial Scholarship. To make a memorial contribution download and complete the Donation Form.

Memorial donations may be made payable to:

Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc
N103W15984 Founders Lane
Germantown, WI 53022


Where do I start?

To request additional information, email GCSF at

To create your Named Scholarship, download and complete:  Scholarship Donation Form


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