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The following guidelines must be met at the time of application for a student to be considered for a scholarship:

  1. Student must be a legal resident of the Village of Germantown or be enrolled at Germantown High School
  2. Student must be enrolled in his/her senior year of high school with projected graduation by June 30th of the year of application.
  3. Student must complete all sections of the Germantown Scholarship Application.


Applications are available in the Germantown High School Guidance Office each February. The deadline for returning completed applications is mid March. Students are requested to complete information about their post-secondary education plans, high school extra curricular activities, out of school activities, volunteer activities, and paid employment. All requested information pertains to the student's high school years. In addition, cumulative grade point average and advanced placement and honors course work is reported by the high school guidance office. Students are required to solicit six (6) recommendations from their teachers. Three (3) must be from senior year, two (2) from junior year, and one of their choice. Teachers return recommendations directly to the guidance office.


The Board of Directors of the Germantown Community Scholarship Find, Inc. appoints a Scholarship Committee to administer and evaluate applications in conjunction with the High School Guidance Staff. The philosophy of the Board in awarding scholarships is to identify those students who excel both in their academic, volunteer and extra curricular activities. All applications are anonymous during the review process. Committee members do not know the identity of the applicants during the scoring process. Applicants are expected to complete all sections of the application with honesty and integrity.

 The Committee has established the following verification process for each section of the application:

  1.  Academic Section: Completed by the Guidance Staff reporting the student's cumulative grade point average, advanced placement, honors courses, and submitted teacher evaluations. Teacher evaluations are confidential and are not shared with students.

  2. In School Section: Scored by the Scholarship Committee cross referencing participation lists for all Germantown High School Activities for the previous four year period. The committee reserves the right to verify information submitted by applicants.

  3. Out of School Section: Scored by the Scholarship Committee. Students list a contact person and phone number for each activity or employment experience. The committee reserves the right to verify information submitted by applicants.

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